Jacob T Fischer

I seek to temper a passion for technology by always experimenting with the latest the industry and academia have to offer through programming; specifically in software engineering, systems design, and web development.


Master of Science

Computer Science

Missouri University of Science and Technology2014 - 2017

Graduate work in AI + Web development, research, and implementation

Bachelor of Science

Computer Science


ePlata, LLC.

Software Developer — 2017 - Current

Startup working primarily in Full Stack development using Node.js to make a cross platform financial app leveraging Cordova for Android, iOS, and Web platforms

  • Full stack JavaScript development for front and back ends
  • Modern JavaScript + Babel, React, and Material Design for the front end
  • Node.js, Express, Redis, and MSSQL on the back end
  • Wrote Webpack plugins to improve localization transpiling
  • Re-wrote front end for Material UI major version upgrade
  • Modernized JS code to use async/await syntax and Flow types
  • Performed many DevOps tasks such as improving continuous integration, deploying builds, and improving development workflows
  • Wore many hats and did much outside a traditional software engineering role being a small startup with big ambitions

Ungerboeck Software International

Software Engineer – 2013 - 2014

Developed many different event management programs across utilizing web and Microsoft technologies

  • Assisted with multiple larger teams to update deprecated WinForms software to VB.Net Silverlight full stack
  • Completed performance profiling to identify slow forms and virtualize them
  • Worked on small team to quickly create and deploy new event registration sites for clients with a variety of needs
  • jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and a proprietary framework for the front end
  • ASP.Net backend using VB.Net, C#, and MSSQL



JavaScript (ES6+), TypeScript, HTML, CSS, SASS/SCSS, Python 2/3, JSON, SQL, C++, C#, Java, YAML, Lua, RegEx, Shell, VB.Net


Android, iOS, Node.js, npm, React, Babel, Material UI, Webpack, Lerna, Mocha, Jest, Flow, PixiJS, Express, jQuery, Lodash, OpenGL, Moai, CodeIgniter, Wordpress, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight,


MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL), SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis

Project Management

Git, GitHub, Trello, JIRA, Slack, Travis CI, Circle CI, Jenkins, DevOps, Agile, Scrum


Microsoft Office, Google Docs; Adobe's PhotoShop, Illustrator, and Premier; Autodesk's AutoCad, 3ds Max, and Inventor

Technical Activities


Worked on a student run design team to design and run coding competitions each semester between competitive AIs

  • Acted as the Lead Developer for various teams managing small teams through code sprints to a final product
  • Consulted with classes to run their systems and support their students through our codebases

Cadre AI Framework

Master Degree software engineering project(s), with continuing development and enhancements to this day
Designed and implemented a new framework for creating and playing games with AIs across a variety of programming languages and platforms

  • Created AI clients in C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, Lua, and TypeScript that all must interact with JSON, networking sockets, reflection, threading, and documentation systems
  • Game server implemented via Node.js with JavaScript/TypeScript and Express facilitating TCP/WS/HTTP connections over clustered threads
  • Visualizer to playback game log files in browser using PixiJS, Webpack, JavaScript, jQuery, TypeScript, and SCSS
  • Python Metaprogramming tool to speed up development of common game logic between all projects via code generation and mutation
  • Battle tested in multiple programming competitions with a wide range of games and competitions, some with human player(s)

npm Packages

Maintains a set of JavaScript, TypeScript, and C++ (native) packages for Node.js

  • Maintains a variety of packages across domains
  • Performs expected maintenance, including addressing issues, merging pull requests, and publishing new releases
  • Also contributes to other open source packages such as DefinitelyTyped.

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